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How to Set-up a MeťaMask Wâllet

An Easy 8 Step Process to Open a Web3 Wallet

“What is this thing?

Why doesn’t it open like a regular page?

I gotta have a little extension?

Ugh.. friggin’ DeFi.”

Welcome to: How to open a MeťaMask Wâllet — 101.

Before we begin it’s important to underscore that the reason people set up a MetaMask wallet is that it plugs into a lot of websites like UniSwap, Sushiswap, OpenSea, or Rarible, and allows you to make transactions in Ethereum-based cryptocurrency. Ethereum’s cryptocurrency is ETH, and the ethereum blockchain hosts hundreds of other cryptocurrencies. MetaMask is the wallet that stores them all.

Self-custody of funds is a major step in wallets and MetaMask is leading the way. From humble beginnings in 2016, MetaMask reached 1 million monthly users in 2020 and built a sleek new mobile app.

MeťaMask Wâllet set-up process can be broken down into 8 steps:

1. Download MetaMask

2. Click Get Started

3. Click Create a Wallet

4. Create a Password

5. Write down seed phrase

6. Enter seed phrase

7. Click “No Thanks” or “I Agree”

8. Click on Account 1

1. Go to select, Chrome / iOS / or Android, and click Download.

So basically you wanna head over to and select whether you want MetaMask for your Browser (Chrome or Brave), your iPhone, or your Android.

Brave browser is basically a well-filtered Chrome. It’s privacy friendly with ad blocking and VPN services, and crypto-friendly by offering a native token for using the browser. As you can see here, it allows one to download the extension for a Brave browser, without being logged into a Google account (which is nice for privacy).